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Self Esteem, Stress Management, Coping Skills

Two Dried Leaves


Does your self talk sound something like this? "You can't, you shouldn't, you should, or you are not enough"?  When we have an inner dialogue that is negative our self esteem suffers.  This can come from many sources; including family, society, teachers, media and many other sources.  Self-esteem can be positive or negative; healthy or unhealthy and when negative and unhealthy can cause all sorts of problems in life.  It can cause problems in relationships, school, career, physical heath, mental health, spiritual health and overall lead to a life of suffering.  Would you like the good news?  It does not have to be this way, you can change, and your self esteem can too. I can show you how to identify those negative thoughts, negative sources that lead to the negative self esteem and together we can start re-building your self esteem brick by brick.  Strong, powerful, positive, self-esteem that cannot be hindered by the harsh realities of the world.   
Lets get started today; toward a healthier self esteem.


Stress Management

Stress...just a part of life?  Maybe, but how we manage it can lead to chronic problems in various ares of life.  Are you struggling with stress?  Currently in our world life has thrown us some curveballs and how we manage these stressors is very important.  If you are not sure how to manage stress, or realize you need help doing so, especially lately with all the changes in life then lets figure it out together.  Sometimes it may be very simple changes that take on basic perspective shifts in thinking.  Other times it may be behavioral changes.  Yet again, other times, it may be both thinking and behaving that may need an overhaul.  I can help you figure out what needs a change, and how to make those changes stick.  
I can help teach you to manage the daily stress of life and increase the joy in it all; even when the external life appears to be madness; internally you can remain at peace.  Contact me today so we can get started on the journey to internal peace.

Foggy Pier

Coping Skills

Coping Skills is not a foreign language.  Are you using coping skills? Are they working? Are they healthy?  I imagine you are using some sort of coping skills and I imagine they are at least partially effective.  Yet, are they healthy?  I would love to help you discover healthy coping that is also effective for managing stress, intense and overwhelming emotions, difficult situations and relationship stress.  Healthy coping is available.

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