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Struggling with Substance Abuse? You or someone you love?

Grey Beach Shores

Where do you turn? Who can help? Life feeling out of control?

Substance use can start anywhere, from celebration, grief, loss, or experimentation.  Continued use can lead to abuse and loss of control, which can affect all areas of life including family, career, health, relationships and even our emotional/mental health.  

There is a way out of the chaos and you have come to the right place.  I  have compassion, understanding, knowledge and experience working with clients whose lives are affected by substances in all sorts of capacities. I have a passion for teaching clients  how to reduce the shame and take action to restore health in their life.  

I am able and willing to help you understand how and why this may be happening and how to help you return to a life of balance.  A life where health, wellness and peace is at the center.  Feel free to join a peaceful  life today.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Trauma and Addiction: Tools for Recovery

Some people may experience more severe cases of substance abuse; you may even call it addiction.  You may have had previous treatment at an inpatient setting, or detox facility.  You may have had recovery and relapse, many times.  You may be feeling hopeless.  You may not believe that you deserve recovery.  You do!  I am confident that everyone can achieve recovery, and does deserve recovery.  I am passionate about recovery and willing to work with even the most hopeless on their recovery journey.  There may also be trauma underlying the the addiction.  This too is not hopeless and we can achieve health and healing from past trauma.  Time is our friend.  Trauma and addiction are linked.  Lets learn about this link so that you can begin your journey to healing both.  I will help educate you on the link between trauma and addiction and when your brain is ready; when your recovery foundation is strong, we will begin the necessary healing of the trauma.


Love someone with an Addiction?

What a hard spot to be in; as you love someone who is struggling and you too are struggling. Who needs the help?  Well you both do of course.  But who can you control?  Addiction is one of the most wide spread illnesses that affects more people than just the individual using the substances and has so much stigma the people effected are fearful of reaching out.  Watching someone you love self-destruct can be one of the most painful experiences.  You don't have to experience this alone.  I am here to help you navigate the stress and pain, and helping you regain peace in your own life by teaching you what is within your power to control and how to release what is outside of your control.  By working with me you will learn effective ways to manage stress and unhealthy thinking patterns related to the stress and anxiety of loving someone struggling with an addiction.  Contact me today to start feeling like yourself again.

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